Welrod Mk 1 Pistol

Silenced Pistol

weapon (ranged)

The 9mm. Welrod is a silent single shot pistol, intended for use by specially trained operators for specific tasks.

The weapon is a specially constructed single shot pistol with a detachable silencer. It is silent, reliable in action and easy to conceal. It is accurate up to 30 yards in daylight or 20 yards on a fairly light night, but is most effective when fired in contact with the target.
The gun has three distinct and separate uses:
a) For aimed and deliberate shots in daylight or darkness. The effective range of the gun with normal handling is 15/30 yards. For deliberate shots, extreme accuracy is required and can only be obtained by correct trigger squeeze, i.e. a gradual squeeze by the whole hand. With training and practice it is possible to obtain very accurate groups at the distances mentioned. The gun should be held with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand as close up to the muzzle as possible, the pistol grip being held by the right hand. For standing shots, the left elbow should be as close to the body as possible and the rear of the gun approximately 6”/7”from the operator´s eye.

b) Without its silencer and used as a single-shot weapon.

c) By use of the weapon at the closest quarters, i.e. with the muzzle against the target. For this purpose no special training is required.


One is carried as a back up pistol by Major Richards

Welrod Mk 1 Pistol

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