Konstanty Borkowski


ST 11 (10)
DX 11 (10)
IQ 12 (20)
HT 11 (10)

Fit (5)
Rank 1: Sierzant (5)
Fearless +5 (10)
Strong Will +2 (8)
Animal Empathy (5)

Very Hazardous Duty (-20)
Fanaticism: Poland (-15)
Intolerance: Germans (-5)

English-12 (2)
German-10 (0.5)
French-10 (0.5)


Camouflage-12 (1)
Climbing-10 (1)
First Aid-11 (0.5)
Gunner (Machine Gun)-12 (1)
Gunner (Cannon)-11 (0.5)
Gunner (Mortar)-14 (4)
Guns (Light Auto)-13 (1)
Guns (Rifle)-15 (2+2)
Guns (Pistol)-16 (8)
Guns (Light Anti-Tank)-13 (1)
Hiking-10 (1)
Jumping-10 (0.5)
Knife-11 (1)
Soldier-13 (4)
Spear-10 (1)
Stealth-12 (4)
Throwing-10 (2)
Traps-11 (1)
Armoury (Smallarms)-16 (10)
Armoury (Heavy weapons)-14 (6)
Brawling-12 (2)
Demolitions-11 (1)
Engineer (Combat)-13 (6)
NBC Warfare-10 (0.5)
Orienteering-11 (1)
Scrounging-16 (8)
Survival (Forest)-12 (2)
Swimming-11 (1)
Driving (Auto)-14 (16)
Driving (Tracked)-12 (4)
Drive (Motorcycle)-12 (2)
Mechanic-16 (10)
Conspiracy Theories-14 (16)
Streetwise-11 (1)
Parachuting-12 (1)
Electronics Operation (Communications)-14 (6)
Electronics (Repair)-11 (1+1)


Konstanty Borkowski is a former Polish Army sergeant. Evacuated to France in 1939, he missed the fighting in Norway, but served with the 2nd Infantry Fusiliers in the defense of France. Retreating into Switzerland with his unit, he bucked against the idea of internment; he then successively sneaked out of Switzerland, through France, and into Spain, where he was able to make contact with the British and arrange transport.

While in England, he grew increasingly eager to bring the war back to the Germans. He applied for a position with the Cichociemni, but failed out of the training fairly early due to his inability to grasp topographic maps. Subsequently, he served as an armorer for the 1st Independent Rifle Brigade before volunteering, and being accepted for, this unit.

He is proudly Polish, a devoted follower of Mikolajczyk who increasingly suspects that the western Allies intend to abandon Poland to the Soviets (again). Though he is not shy about letting his comrades know about his (sometimes convoluted) theories, his desire to return to action against the Germans – in any capacity – overrides any doubts he has about fighting alongside the British and Americans in the unit. He speaks Polish fluently (of course), English moderately well, and speaks sub-conversant smatterings of German and French.

His primary weapon is an older SMLE Enfield he was issued on arriving in England, its action tweaked to slick perfection after many hours in the shop. His cherished sidearm, a Vis wz.35 pistol, has remained with him since his days in Poland. He has acquired or machined a substantial supply of spare parts for this pistol, which are kept in his pack.

Konstanty Borkowski

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