John Miller


Captain John Miller

ST 11 (10)
DX 12 (20)
IQ 12 (20)
HT 12 (20)

Fit (5)
Rank 4: Captain (20)
Absolute Timing (5)

Extremely Hazardous Duty (-20)
Sense of Duty: Unit (-5)
Code of Honor: Officer (-10)

English (Native)

Camouflage-12 (1)
Climbing-11 (1)
First Aid-12 (1)
Guns (Light Auto)-15 (2)
Guns (Rifle)-16 (4)
Guns (Pistol)-15 (2)
Guns (Light Anti-Tank)-14 (1)
Gunner (Mortar)-14 (2)
Hiking-10 (1)
Jumping-11 (0.5)
Knife-11 (1)
Orienteering-14 (6)
Soldier-14 (6)
Spear-11 (1)
Stealth-12 (2)
Throwing-12 (4)
Traps-12 (2)
Brawling-12 (1)
Demolitions-11 (1)
Electronics Operation (Communication)-14 (6)
Forward Observer-12 (2)
NBC Warfare-10 (0.5)
Survival (Forest)-12 (2)
Swimming-12 (1)
Driving (Auto)-13 (4)
Parachuting-14 (4)
Forward Observer-14 (6)
Woodworking-14 (6)
Savoire-Faire (Military)-12 (1)
Tactics-12 (4)
Leadership-12 (2)
Armoury (Small Arms)-14 (6)
Mechanic-14 (6)
Agronomy-14 (6)
Intelligence Analysis-12 (4)


Captain Miller is a German-speaking National Guard officer. He grew up in New Ulm, Minnesota to a German speaking family, his name was Anglicized in 1917. Educated at the St. Cloud State Teacher’s College in the late 1920’s, he spent much of the next decade teaching shop and agriculture in various county schools. Settling down in Hutchinson, he joined the National Guard in 1939. Commissioned as part of the build up of forces in 1940, the next major item in his service was mobilization following Pearl Harbor. In 1942, he was one of the first Americans to land in Northern Ireland in an operational unit.

Assigned to Operation TORCH, he was wounded in an air raid on his unit in January 1943. Sent back to recuperate, upon recovering enough to work, but not to fight, his fluency in German was noted, and he was pulled into staff work as a translator for captured information, and plain text electronic intercepts. This brought him to be re-assigned to staff work for SHAPE. The upcoming mission in the Pas-de-Calais is his first time in combat since North Africa.

XP: 13/6

John Miller

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