Captain N J C Smith, MC

A veteran soldier with a potential father-in-law getting him in trouble


Captain N J C Smith, MC
ST 12 (20)
DX 12 (20)
IQ 12 (20)
HT 12 (20)
Mvmt 6

Attractive +1 (5)
Absolute Direction (5)
Fit (5)
Rank 4: Captain (20)
Status + 1 (0 from Rank)
Reputation +2 (Military Cross, British Army, Occasionally) (1)
Imperturbable (10)
Patron: General Sir Alan Brooke’s Guilty Conscience (Very Powerful, Expensive Equipment, 6 or less) (13)

Code of Honor: Officer’s (-10)
Enemy: General Sir Alan Brooke (Very Powerful, 6 or less) (-10)
Extremely Hazardous Duty (-20)

Camouflage-12 (1)
Climbing-11 (1)
First Aid-14 (4)
Guns (Rifle)-15 (1)
Guns (Light Auto)-16 (2)
Guns (Light Anti-Tank Weapon)-14 (1)
Guns (Pistol)-14 (1)
Guns (Shotgun)-13 (0.5)
Hiking-11 (1)
Jumping-11 (0.5)
Knife-12 (1)
Soldier-14 (6)
Spear-11 (1)
Stealth-12 (2)
Throwing-12 (4)
Armory (Small Arms)-11 (1)
Brawling-13 (2)
Demolition-12 (2)
Combat Engineer-10 (1)
NBC Warfare-10 (0.5)
Orienteering-12 (2)
Scrounging-11 (0.5)
Survival (Desert)-12 (2)
Survival (Woodland)-12 (2)
Swimming-12 (1)
Gunner (AT gun)-14 (2)
Gunner (Mortar)-14 (2)
Area Knowledge (Pas de Calais)-14 (4)
Driving (Auto)-12 (2)
Driving (Motorcycle)-12 (1)
Physician-10 (1)
Diagnosis-10 (1)
Surgery-9 (1)
Parachuting-14 (2)
French-12 (2)
German-10 (0.5)
Italian-10 (0.5)
Forward Observer-12 (2)
Tactics-12 (4)
Leadership-14 (6)
Electronics Operations (Communications)-12 (2)
Intelligence Analysis-11 (2)


Captain Smith enlisted at the start of the war in the 1st Battalion, The Rifle Brigade, leaving behind medical school and a promising career. He managed to escape the siege of Calais after putting up heroic resistance in May of 1940, and then saw action with the reconstituted Rifle Brigade at El Alamein in the Western Desert, where he personally disabled two German tanks attacking his position with well-aimed fire from a 6-pounder antitank gun, earning a Military Cross in the process. He then transferred into the 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, seeing action in Sicily before returning to England to prepare for the Invasion of France. There he became engaged to Rosemary Brooke, daughter of the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, General Sir Alan Brooke, who has deeply mixed feelings about his prospective son-in-law.

Captain N J C Smith, MC

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