Maj. Noel Richards


ST 11 (10)
DX 13 (30)
IQ 12 (20)
HT 11 (10)
Mvmnt 6

Fit (5)
Combat Reflexes (15)
High Pain Threshold (10)
Rank 4: Major (20)

Extremely Hazardous Duty (-20)
Intolerance: French and Germans (-10)
Braggart (-5)
Fanaticism: Great Britain (-15)


Camouflage-12 (1)
Climbing-12 (1)
First Aid-12 (1)
Guns (Light Auto)-15 (0.5)
Guns (Rifle)-15 (1)
Guns (Pistol)-14 (0.5)
Guns-Light Anti-Tank-14 (0.5)
Gunner (Mortar)-13 (0.5)
Hiking-10 (1)
Jumping-12 (0.5)
Knife-13 (1)
Savoire-Faire (Military)-12 (1)
Soldier-14 (6)
Spear-13 (2)
Stealth-13 (2)
Throwing-16 (24)
Traps-12 (2)
Brawling-13 (1)
Demolitions-14 (6)
Electronics Operation (Communications)-15 (8)
Survival (Western Desert)-12 (2)
Survival (Forest)-12 (2)
Swimming-12 (0.5)
Parachuting-13 (1)
Leadership-14 (6)
Tactics-14 (8)
French-10 (0.5)
German-10 (0.5)
Forward Observer-14 (6)
Administration-12 (2)
Driving (Auto)-12
Operations-12 (4)
Telegraphy-14 (4)
Diplomacy-12 (4)


Formerly No.1 (Army) Commando
Born 3rd October 1918 to Mary and Peter Richards.
5’10", 13 stone.
Faired skinned with pale blue eyes and sandy hair, likes to be impeccably tuned out in both battledress and his tailored No.2s

Noel, although he would be insulted if it was pointed out to him, is cocky and arrogant. He sees Germans in a stereotypical light and has inherited the “Beastly Hun” attitude of his parents. He sees war with either France or Germany as the natural order of things. Although he’s happy to fight in France and assist the Resistance, he has very little regard for the French, an attitude only reinforced by his encounters with the Vichy in Tunis.

Despite his agressive tendencies and opinions on “bloody foreigners” he’s a cautious and methodical soldier and values good teamwork and tactics. He’s also a skilled radio operator and handy with explosives, particularly Gammon bombs, he regards himself as a “decent shot” but he’s no marksman and has little or no experience with heavy weapons but can be relied upon to a least fit the ammo belt the right way up.

War Service

Noel volunteered in 1940 and recieved a commission into his father’s old Great War regiment, the Seaforth Highlanders. He joined his battalion after the Dunkirk evacuation, serving (to his disappointment) as (“a jumped up clerk”) deputy to the Battalion Adjutant rather than as a platoon commander as he wished. His disappointment and his eagerness to see battle led to his vonlunteering for the Special Service Brigade in 1941.
Undergoing ad hoc commando training with his new unit and taking part in several uneventuful recconaissance raids on the french coast. Noel finally got to go on a “proper mission” with Operation Chariot, the raid on St. Nazaire. Here he commanded a section that was part of the flanking force for the sabouteurs. Despite recieving a minor wound he and the bulk of his men were among the lucky ones who were lifted off by the few surviving motorboats and escaped back to England. Noel still considers this the most outstanding mission he’s ever been on.

Noel’s next frontline service came after a short stint as a staff instructor with the new commando depot at Achnacarry. Returning to No.1 Commando as a Captain and a troop commander, he took part in Operation Torch, seeing extensive combat in the desert and again recieving some minor wounds at the Battle of Sedjenane, the follow up to the German assault at Kasserine Pass. The Torch landing introduced him to the US M1 Garand and despite it still being considered unseemly for a British officer to carry a rifle, he has, when possible, made use of the Garand he aquired in Tunisia, carrying it as much out of an affectation as a practical firearm.

In late 1943 Lt. Col. Thomas Trevor, his CO At No.1 Cdo, suggested he volunteer for further special service and recommended him to SOE as a potential candidate for the Jedburghs. Noel eagerly agreed and with Trevor’s backing he was inducted into the secrective world of the SOE.
Now having completed his specialist training, this will be his first Jedburgh mission.

Maj. Noel Richards

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